The Cedar St. Bistro

The Cedar St. Bistro and Coffee Shop opened in early 2008 and was modeled after the historic cafés of Europe. The owners Tim and Manuela had traveled extensively throughout Europe while they were stationed in Germany and Italy with the USAF. One of their favorite experiences when traveling was visiting the old historic coffee houses and cafés with their unique architecture and warm interiors, cappuccinos served in a porcelain cups with thick frothy foam, scrumptious fresh-made pastries and cakes, and a place where you could always get a great grilled sandwich. These coffee houses and cafés were much more than just a food establishment. They were a place where community met, women would meet for socials, young couples would hang out, and business people would meet over lunch. They were very inclusive and a fun place to enjoy with all the fabulous tastes, smells and sounds of people having a good time.


The Cedar St. Bistro brings the European café experience to beautiful downtown Sandpoint. Every day, the friendly and talented Bistro Team serves up great-tasting food, espresso and coffee drinks, and hand-crafted gelato in a warm, relaxed, and inviting atmosphere. The Bistro is found on the historic Cedar St. Bridge, one of the most unique structures in the Inland Northwest, with its massive tamarack logs and a huge all-glass passive solar wall, through which you can enjoy a view of peaceful Sand Creek and the mountains beyond. The Cedar St. Bistro delivers the European tradition of great food, taking life a little slower and enjoying great company. Come visit us today and see why we're not only a "Downtown Favorite" but have happy customers from around the world.

The Bistro team

Maggie is a born-and-raised Sandpoint girl with a big family and a big love for coffee! She loves swimming and playing with her Chihuahua at Dog Beach and enjoying long Sandpoint summers. She's been a barista since early 2008 and has worked at the bistro since summer 2012. She's a key bistro player from making sure everything runs smoothly, ordering product, training new employees, making her famous soups, etc. Maggie is also our in-resident artist when it comes to latte art. Check out some of her work in the website gallery.

Megan is attending the University of Idaho and majoring in Architecture. She also enjoys working in her parents' bistro and meeting all kinds of neat people.



Sadie attends the University of Idaho and plans on majoring in Event Planning. At the Cedar St. Bistro she likes to make coffee drinks and all of the delicious wraps and sandwiches.


My name is Liz and I'm a junior at Sandpoint High School. I enjoy working at the Bistro because the people are so nice and when I come to work they always brighten my day. My hobbies include tennis, skiing, and enjoying the outdoors.


Hi I'm Jeremiah. I really like being a barista at the Bistro—preparing all of the espresso drinks. My hobbies are piano and theater.


Hi, I'm Khloe. I'm 17 and currently a junior at Sandpoint High School.  My hobbies include tennis, academics, and being outdoors.  I love working at the Cedar St. Bistro because everyone is so fun to work with.  Also, Sandpoint makes all of those things much better.  With endless activities and great views, it is always the perfect place to be.


Hi I'm Logan! I love my job because of the amazing people I work with and our wonderful customers that brighten my day all the time. I'm a senior at Sandpoint High School, I'm in student council, and I'm captain of the dance team.


Hi, my name is Emily. I am a 16-year-old-coffee enthusiast who loves thick books, pumpkin pie, rainstorms and road trips, Pacific Northwest trails and sharing the love for Jesus. One of my favorite things about working at the bistro is the look on kids' faces when I hand them a scoop of their favorite gelato!

I'm Kennedy and I really like working at the Cedar St. Bistro. My favorite thing about the Bistro is the relaxed and unique setting and our wide array of food, coffee, baked goods, and gelato! Try our amazing chicken sandwich and chai (iced or hot) for a great meal!

I'm Taysia, a business major at North Idaho College. I enjoy music, art, and getting creative with flavors. Baking is one of my favorite things to do, and I'm lucky to work at the Cedar St. Bistro where I can experiment with baking.


I'm Katie, a 20-year-old currently studying Intercultural Missions at Moody Bible Institute. I grew up on a small family run farm in North Idaho. A few of my favorite things are mountains, Jesus, exploring, hiking, cameras, sunshine, speed, gardens, art, chocolate, coffee, and my family.

My name is Raven. I'm an Aquarius, I have four brothers and I was born and have been raised in Sandpoint! I love our lake, mountains, and the natural beauty that surrounds us. The Bistro is a great place to work and I would come here all the time if I didn't already work here! The sandwiches and crepes are incredible and I love experimenting and making different things.


Owners Tim and Manuela are heavily involved in all areas of their business. Not only do they prepare and serve the food and drinks, but are also involved in the day to day operations such as ordering product, answering phones, growing their business, and expanding their product line. Tim and Manuela love watching a full seating area with everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves. They love seeing an out-of-town visitor light up when they talk about the community and hear recommendations about what to do and see. They truly enjoy the daily interaction with their customers, and the positive feedback the Team constantly receives on the quality of their offerings and service.

About the Cedar St. Bridge

When you step into the Cedar St. Bridge, you’ll be amazed by the size of this log-framed, passive solar building. Spanning 400 feet over Sand Creek, visible to thousands of daily drivers on nearby Highway 95, and a symbol of scenic Sandpoint, Idaho, the bridge is a dramatic structure of massive tamarack logs and a soaring glass facade.

But it began life somewhat more humbly. Built prior to the 1930s as an auto and pedestrian bridge, the Cedar Street Bridge was designed to carry traffic from downtown Sandpoint over Sand Creek to the Union Pacific train depot on the east bank of the creek. The bridge’s location between the town’s core and the busy railroad depot put it in the middle of community life. But as train travel declined in the following decades, traffic to the depot waned, and the bridge became less integral to the town’s transportation needs.

By the late 1970's the structure was in complete disrepair and the city debated tearing it down. But a visionary named Scott Glickenhaus stepped in and rescued the derelict bridge. Scott's plan was to restore the original flattop bridge and build a new timber frame structure utilizing massive tamarack logs and passive solar windows on the south side over looking Sand Creek. Modeled after the famed Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence, Italy, the new Cedar St. Bridge would house unique shops, restaurants, and kiosks. Scott’s dream came to fruition when the Cedar St. Bridge opened its doors to the public in 1983 and instantly became the most unique building in town; it was also heralded as the only marketplace on a bridge over water in the United States.

In 2007, new owners of the Cedar St. Bridge added a new front facade to the Cedar St. Bridge and named the bridge the “Cedar Street Bridge Public Market”. Today the Cedar Street Bridge is once again an integral part of downtown life in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Open 7 am – 6 pm  Monday through Sunday

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